The overall objective of the AIFORS project is to bring structural changes to UNIZG-FER to attract excellent researchers and research managers capable of having a significant impact on the Faculty’s research and innovation performance.

The following structural changes will be covered:

  • The researchers’ remuneration must be increased to offer jobs targeting international applicants;
  • International and cross-sectoral mobility of researchers must be systematised to increase exposure to various work environments, improve career prospects, and attract international talents;
  • A plan to upgrade research equipment or have access to it at other institutions must be implemented to offer to researchers the resources for conducting world-class research;
  • The human resources policies, especially regarding gender balance must be compliant with ERA principles to guarantee good employment  conditions;
  • The UNIZG-FER Research Support Centre must be upgraded for strengthening the research management and administration skills, as the Centre currently does not provide support in proposal preparation and project management. A specialist in Horizon 2020 / Horizon Europe must be recruited;
  • Dissemination, communication and exploitation capacities must be developed within research teams to increase the impact of their research.






This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Grant Agreement No. 952275