LAMOR’s current research activities and challenges


Within LAMOR, robotics research activities are focused on the following three key research domains:

  • Robotic perception and sensor fusion(led by Assoc. Prof. Ivan Marković). The aim is to provide robots with the capabilities to sense environments and identify surrounding assets.
  • Robot localization and environment mapping(led by Prof. Ivan Petrović). The aim is to provide robots with capabilities to localize itself in the environment, and to build the environment map needed for robot operation
  • Robot motion planning and control(led by Assoc. Prof. Marija Seder). The aim is to provide robots with capabilities to plan effective,yet safe motion in an environment based on the information received from the robot perception, localization and mapping modules.

These research domains are addressed by the following three robotic functions: autonomy, interaction and safety. Although LAMOR has recently achieved relevant results and published several papers in high-impact journals in the above research domains focusing on these robotic functions, current applications are limited to model-based methods in indoor static and quasi-static environments, and planning in low dimensional space. This limits LAMOR in (i) achieving a quantum leap in research excellence, (ii) continuing and surpassing current publishing track record, and (iii) transferring results closer to challenging real-world environments and wider range of conditions. Our long-term future applications include manufacturing, robots in homes and public spaces, which are highly dynamic and complex, and collaboration with humans and safety play a primary concern. Given that, LAMOR’s still needs expertise in artificial intelligence (AI) to enable robot learning, reasoning, optimization and planning for addressing highly dynamic, complex environments to achieve a further quantum leap in research excellence. Our aim is that the ERA Chair holder will with his/her team bring this expertise to LAMOR. The synergy of the ERA Chair team and the existing expertise will enable LAMOR to become a strong and research excellent lab –the leader in AI empowered robots and related technologies in the region, and an excellent partner in EU and the world.






This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Grant Agreement No. 952275